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Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, sited on the Canterbury Plains between the Southern Alps and the Pacific Ocean. The city occupies flood plain, sand dunes, wetlands, river banks, tidal estuary and part of a volcanic crater rim known as the Port Hills.

Earthquake Effects

The very essence of our City has been changed by the earhquake events which started on 3 September 2010 and continue today. We, the citizens of our wonderful city, are dedicated to restoring it to the vision of the City's Founders of the 1850s.

Preliminary Cathedral Damage Christchurch Cathedral early damage

Our iconic Catheral (featured on the right) at the very heart of our city was significantly damaged in the 3rd September 2010 7.3 magnitude earhquake and has suffered drastically in the subsequent "after shocks." Its very furture is now in doubt. That earthquake, and the subsequent devestating after-shakes, has all but erased the central city district.

In the 1850s an area of 161 hectares (500 acres) was set aside for a vast central park known as Hagley Park, and the first trees were planted there in 1863.

The inner city was defined by four avenues where deciduous trees such as oak, lime and chestnut were planted.

Beautiful old buildings and majestic trees provide some of the attractive features of the city now extending far beyond the original boundaries. The city has expanded to cover 46,000 hectares, and the population of 310,000 enjoys a high proportion of land to each person. The main streets are laid out on a geometric grid system, through which the natural spring-fed waters of the Avon and Heathcote Rivers make their way to the Estuary and the sea.

Christchurch has been known since early this century as the Garden City. The theme now strongly forms part of the city's style and is incorporated in its logo - Christchurch the Garden City. The city that shines. The logo theme embodies the Christchurch Cathedral on a backdrop of our clear blue skies, the green of our parks and city environs, and our shining rivers. More ��

Extinct Volcanos of Banks Penisula Banks Penisula

Close by to the East is Banks Peninsula and the historic township of Akaroa while to the West are the Southern Alps.

idillic Township of Akaroa. Akaroa, beside the sea!





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